Optimizing the existing school (“Escuelita”)

“Cartoneros y sus Chicos” has used campaign donations to provide various materials for improving the school. As a result of this generosity alone, the “Madreselvas”- Cartoneros have been able to renovate their children’s school and furnish it according to the children’s requirements

The “Escuelita”, with its three classrooms, is hardly large enough for our now 160 children.

A new school center for our Chicos

The municipality of Pilar supports our project and in 2015 they made a plot of land available to the Madreselvas Group upon which they can build a new school center.

This new school will offer the possibility of caring also for the small children, from 45 days old up to 5 years, to continue teaching our primary and secondary pupils and to reintegrate school dropouts and help them finish their basic education.

A larger school will also give us the opportunity to offer tuition to more children. In the school year 2016, we had 90 children enrolled, distributed in morning and afternoon schooling. In 2017, the number of children enrolled rose to 160 – unfortunately, we could not accommodate more children, although more than 300 children applied for this school year.

In October 2016, the ground breaking ceremony was held on the new plot of land and we are working very hard on finding local and international sponsors who will help us with the construction of the new school.

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